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Fun Facts:
  • Chile is the 38th largest country!
  • Spanish is the main language spoken in Chile, but people still speak other ones.
  • Chile is twice the size of Japan!
  • Tourism is very popular in Chile because of the famous Easter Island Statues.
  • Football (Soccer in America) is the most popular sport in Chile.
  • Chile's motto is: "Por la razon o la fuerza", which means "by right or might"
  • They use the Peso as a form of currency, just like Mexico.
  • Over 3,000 species of fungi live in Chile.

This is a picture of the Ester Island Statues that many people go to visit. This is a very popular tourism spot in Chile.

This is a picture of a map of Chile.

This is a picture of the Flag of Chile.

This is a picture of a soccer ball. People in Chile like soccer so much that they made it their national sport.